Achieving Operational Excellence in the Office Online Course

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Office Online Course


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To gain market share today, businesses must meet customer expectations for responsive, consistent service. The key is to create and sustain flow and Operational Excellence that ends brainstorming meetings, eliminates emails that chase information, and manages unpredictable workloads so an office can run autonomously and respond to the voice of the customer. This online training course will show you how.

Learning Objectives

  • Design flow using nine guidelines
  • Make flow visual
  • Set-up flow so employees can fix it without management intervention
  • Enable leadership to refocus their attention on activities that grow the business

Office professionals in the service industries, hospital administration, insurance, finance, banking, manufacturing, and more will find this online course critical for leveraging the office to drive business growth.

Course Details

  • No prerequisites are necessary
  • Course length: approximately three hours
  • 1 YEAR Unlimited Access on your computer or compatible device
  • Each module concludes with interactive quizzes to ensure viewers understand the material and to reinforce the key points in the training.
  • All participants receive a certificate of completion.
  • Includes a FREE COPY of Beyond the Lean Office, shipping charges will be applied to your order.

Learning Modules

The training includes five learning modules:

  • Module 1 – Challenges of the office
  • Module 2 – Nine guidelines for flow in the office
  • Module 3 – Create a “self-healing” flow in the office
  • Module 4 – The role of management in OpEx
  • Module 5 – Review and conclusion

Online Training Viewing Requirements 

Your PC/Mac or mobile device must be compatible with the following requirements:

Recommended Browsers for Windows Recommended Browsers for Mac Recommended Browsers for Linux
Internet Explorer 7 and later Safari 3 and later Firefox 1.x and later
Firefox 1.x and later Firefox 1.x and later  
Safari 3 and later Google Chrome  
Google Chrome    
Opera 9.5 and later