Value Stream Design for Manufacturing

Learn how to create flow that achieves Operational Excellence

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Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT

About This Webinar

In this webinar Kevin Duggan will explain how to design a value stream that utilizes flow to achieve Operational Excellence. Starting with the use of a current state map, participants will see the flow of value to the customer, the learn how to construct a future state map to build a lean flow using guidelines like takt, finished goods strategy, continuous flow, FIFO, pull, scheduling one point, interval scheduling and pitch.

Focus Area


Key Takeaways

  • How to design end-to-end value stream flow
  • Current and future state value stream mapping for Operational Excellence
  • The 8 guidelines of flow
  • The beginning steps of an implementation plane

This re-occurring webinar is an overview of the 8-hour course, Creating Mixed Model Value Streams, which takes place during our Value Stream Design for Operational Excellence live training event.


Kevin DugganKevin J. Duggan is a renowned expert in applying advanced lean techniques to achieve Operational Excellence and the author of four books on the subject: Design for Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Strategy for Business Growth, Creating Mixed Model Value Streams, Operational Excellence in Your Office: A Guide to Achieving Autonomous Value Stream Flow with Lean Techniques and Beyond the Lean Office: A Novel on Progressing from Lean Tools to Operational Excellence. As the Founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence, the leading educational center on Operational Excellence, and Duggan Associates, an international training and advisory firm, Kevin has assisted many major corporations worldwide, including United Technologies Corporation, Caterpillar, FMC Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, Singapore Airlines, IDEX Corporation, GKN and Parker Hannifin. A recognized expert on Operational Excellence, Kevin is a frequent keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, and panelist at international conferences, and has appeared on CNN and the Fox Business Network.