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100% real-world, unscripted discussions on what it takes to achieve OpEx.

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Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT

Note: The OpEx Webinar series has been canceled. Watch past episodes on Youtube, or check out our upcoming webinars.

About #TheOpExWebinar

The OpEx Webinar is a monthly live webinar series featuring 100% real-world discussions on what it takes to achieve OpEx. Every episode hosts Tim Healey or Liz Duggan and an industry guests talk frankly about all aspects of Operational Excellence, from putting the principles into practice and cultural challenges to leadership’s role. The unscripted sessions will be informal, offering more opportunity for dialogue and Q&A with the host and their guests.

Each month features a new guest and topic, so be sure to join live to take part in the conversation! 


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Tim HealeyInstitute for Operational Excellence Senior Faculty Member Tim Healey specializes in teaching the principles of Operational Excellence in the business process sector in areas such as product development, finance, HR, engineering, and marketing. He has worked globally with organizations such as Parker Hannifin, United Technologies Corporation, Bayer Healthcare, and Curtiss Wright. Prior to joining the Institute, Tim served as national business manager for H.J. Heinz in Sydney and as a brand manager for British American Tobacco.