Manufacturing Flow Kit

Manufacturing Flow Kit


SKU: MFG-KIT | Weight: 5.2 lbs.

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Our newly designed Manufacturing Flow Kits feature more of the most commonly used icons, four markers and an icon description guide. And with their new low price, these one-of-a-kind kits now offer even more value.
made in usaProduct benefits
  • Save time with pre-printed icons instead of hand drawing on your value stream map
  • Reduce reworking by simply moving adhesive notes – no more erasing and redrawing!
  • Create clean, professional maps that are easy to document and present
  • Quickly build consensus and alignment in large groups
How to use this product
As your organization begins its journey toward Operational Excellence, the Manufacturing Flow Kit can help you build consensus and alignment quickly. Once your team has walked the shop floor and gathered the data and information they need, return to the conference room and collectively create a true and accurate picture of the current state quickly and easily in a team setting. With 43 unique icons pre-printed on color-coded, moveable sticky notes, seeing the flow and building a future state have never been easier. Save time (and money) and minimize rework while easily depicting multiple future state scenarios.
About the packaging
The Manufacturing Flow Kits organize and house icon sticky notes in two panel folders that fit neatly in one slip cover – all made of thick boards wrapped in durable plastic. Our sleek redesign enables easy access and viewing of all the icons by simply removing and opening the two panel folders and laying them on a flat surface. When finished, the complete kit stores easily on any shelf.

Made in the USA
Dimensions:   13.25” x 1.75” x 10.94”


  • 43 unique icons pre-printed on color-coded, moveable sticky notes (see below for complete icon listing)
  • Two panel board folders that organize and store the sticky notes and one slip cover to house the folders
  • Four markers (black, blue, green, red)
  • Icon description sheet


Unless otherwise noted, each kit includes the one sticky note for each of the following icons. There are 50 sheets per pad.

  • Buffer Stock
  • Conveyor
  • Data Box
  • Email
  • Fax
  • FIFO
  • Finished Goods Arrow
  • Forklift
  • Go See Scheduling
  • Information Box
  • Inventory (2 pads included)
  • Kaizen (2 pads included)
  • Kanban Post
  • Load Leveling Box
  • Mfg. Current State Data Box
  • Mfg. Future State Data Box
  • Multiple Machines
  • Pitch
  • Process with Operator (4 pads includes)
  • Production Control
  • Production Kanban
  • Production Kanban in Batches
  • Pull
  • Push Arrow (2 pads included)
  • Rework Process
  • Sequence List
  • Sequence Pull Ball
  • Shared Process (2 pads included)
  • Signal Kanban
  • Supermarket
  • Supplier/Customer
  • Truck
  • Tugger
  • Withdrawal Kanban
  • Withdrawal Kanban in Batches
  • Work Cell
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