Creating Mixed Model Value Streams Online Course

Creating Mixed Model Value Streams Online Course


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The increasingly competitive global economy and heightened customer expectations have upped the pressures on manufacturing environments to design lean value streams that achieve Operational Excellence. But a lack of direction, time, or buy-in can hinder even the best intentions. This online training is the answer.

Learning Objectives

Using a complex, real life manufacturing example, course participants will learn how to:

  • Determine true product families in complex manufacturing environments.
  • Create continuous flow in a mixed model environment.
  • Calculate takt time for a mix of products.
  • Establish machine loading and EPEI for equipment.
  • Balance labor for a mix of products.
  • Create standard work for a mix of products with varying cycle times.
  • Set up and size first in, first out (FIFO) lanes.
  • Schedule the pacemaker.
  • Develop pitch.

Unlike traditional courses on applying continuous improvement, this course teaches how to design flow step-by-step in order to create a mixed model pacemaker capable of flowing a mix of parts with varying cycle times and levels of customer demand through the same value stream, all at the pull of the customer.

Course Details

Creating Mixed Model Value Streams book

  • No prerequisites are necessary
  • Course length: approximately two hours
  • 60-Day Unlimited Access on your computer or compatible device
  • Each module concludes with interactive quizzes to ensure viewers understand the material and to reinforce the key points in the training.
  • All participants receive a certificate of completion.
  • Includes a FREE COPY of Creating Mixed Model Value Streams (Second Edition), shipping charges will be applied to your order.

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