The Institute offers a number of opportunities for instructional guidance so you can learn what Operational Excellence is and how to apply it within your organization. All available online, our convenient resources include articles authored by Institute faculty on Operational Excellence principles, a glossary of terms and short video clips that answer common questions about lean and OpEx.

  • Feature Articles

  • The Institute's renowned experts have written a series of informative articles on various Operational Excellence concepts. Designed to explain OpEx and walk you through how to achieve it throughout your organization, these select pieces will give you the understanding you need to move towards your Operational Excellence destination. For full access to our entire database of articles, join the Institute for free.

    Feature Articles

  • Glossary of Terms

  • We've compiled a glossary of the most common terms used in lean and Operational Excellence so you can better understand the sometimes complex industry nomenclature.

    Glossary of Terms

  • Videos

  • Our faculty members have created a number of short videos that address some of the most common concepts in lean and Operational Excellence. These clips are designed to illustrate one thing: what you need to understand to achieve Operational Excellence in your organization. Visit our YouTube channel here or join our community of members for all of our downloads.

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