Value Stream Design for Operational Excellence Orlando 2019

Event Date(s):

September 17 - September 20, 2019

Event Location:

Marriott Orlando World Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

Value Stream Design for Operational Excellence Orlando 2019The Orlando edition of Value Stream Design for Operational Excellence is an in-depth training for experienced improvement professionals held at the Marriott Orlando World Center. Five advanced sessions over 3.5 days are packed with proven, actionable approaches to create autonomous flow in complex environments with varied customer demand, high product mix, or shared resources.

  • Session 1: Achieving Operational Excellence for Real Business Results sets the framework for organization-wide transformation
  • Session 2: End-to-End Value Stream Design focuses on the principles of flow to develop an accurate future state map
  • Session 3: Creating Mixed Model Value Streams outlines the method for creating flow in factories with complex products and varying demand
  • Session 4: Creating Flow Through Shared Resources details the process for dealing with shared resources, processes that produce components for different product families, and monument equipment
  • Session 5: Implementing Operational Excellence shares strategies for overcoming cultural barriers and gaining momentum with improvements

You’ll leave prepared to implement the concepts in your own unique operation and have your improvement efforts stick.

See why you need to attend the most advanced training available for continuous improvement professionals.

Registration for this event opens in April 2019.