Review of Operational Excellence in Your Office Published in Target

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book review in AME Target

The spring issue of Target, a publication for Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) members, features a review of Operational Excellence in Your Office, a book by Institute for Operational Excellence founder Kevin Duggan and senior faculty member Tim Healey.

The reviewer, Mark de Kiewiet, a director of the AME Southwestern Region Board, highlights the value the book provides in guiding readers through the process for achieving OpEx in the office. In addition to the step-wise approach, he calls out other useful features, including the book’s tips, templates, and definitions. But for the most value, he recommends reading Design for Operational Excellence first.

"Read in the recommended sequence, the book provides a refreshing look at how to take value stream mapping to another level."

The entire magazine is available online for AME members, or download the book review below.