Institute for Operational Excellence Faculty to Lead Session at ASQ Conference

Friday, August 4, 2017

Senior Faculty Member Tim Healey will speak at ASQ’s North Jersey Annual Spring Quality Training Conference March 29th on the nine steps to designing flow in manufacturing offices. In his session, Tim will highlight the challenges in many manufacturing offices – from purchasing to engineering – that make it nearly impossible to connect processes to create flow that moves information between people, departments, suppliers or customers at a predictable cadence so that the product is delivered on time. Tim will explain how the principles and guidelines of Operational Excellence enable companies to design an office where information flows from activity to activity along fixed pathways at preset, predefined times so everyone knows where they get their work from, when to expect it, and where and when to send their work when finished – resulting in Guaranteed Turnaround Times. When the office runs autonomously, management can then spend less time on managing it and more on growing the business. Find event information here.

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