Event Date(s):

March 12 - March 16, 2018

Event Location:

Orlando, FL

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit (BTOES18) is the largest gathering of progressive leadership-level executives within Business Transformation & Operational Excellence. With 100+ Speakers, 10 dedicated tracks, and 100+ sessions, BTOES18 is sure to bring together the best thinkers, at the most engaging event in the Operational Excellence ecosystem.

Registration Discount

The Institute for OpEx is offering an exclusive discount to BTOES18 by using the code OPEXINSTITUTE.  To take advantage of the maximum discount register before October 27, 2017 to save 45% off full conference registration. After that the discount is reduced.

Kevin Duggan to Speak at BTOES18

kevin dugganKevin Duggan, founder of the Institute for OpEx, will run two sessions at the event:

Transforming Office Processes with Proven Operational Excellence Principles

During this session, Kevin Duggan will explain how companies can use the principles and guidelines of Operational Excellence to design an office where information flows from activity to activity along fixed pathways at preset, predefined times. That way, everyone will know where they get their work from, when to expect it, and where and when they should send their work when finished, establishing a guaranteed turnaround time. Kevin will also share how, by designing the way an office should flow information, or “normal” flow, any flow condition outside this design can be defined as abnormal flow. When companies achieve Operational Excellence, employees can see abnormal flow and fix it before it impacts the customer, without management intervention.

Fast-track Business Performance: The Step-by-Step Process and Real World Application of OpEx

In this session, Kevin Duggan will introduce and define Operational Excellence, explain how it differs from traditional lean tools, and detail the eight principles companies apply – in order – to achieve it. He will discuss how, by following the step-by-step methodology, management will have opportunity to focus on offense activities to support the real goal of Operational Excellence: business growth. Kevin will also illustrate Operational Excellence in action by sharing real-world examples of companies who have experienced remarkable results by achieving it.

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